Stephen Nover's NFL Sunday Bookie Basher
(NFL) New England vs. NY Jets,
Money Line: -145.00 New England (Away)
Result: Win
The Patriots are in must-win mode being 0-2. Luckily they draw their favorite patsy - the Jets. New England has beaten the Jets 14 straight times.

New England has held the Jets to an average of 9.7 points during the last four games. New York might not reach 10 points again with a porous offensive line and Zach Wilson back at quarterback.

Bill Belichick scheming against a Wilson-led offense is a monster mismatch. The Jets can keep deceiving themselves, but the truth is Wilson is a stiff, a colossal draft bust. Wilson faced a strong defense last week. He had a 38.1 quarterback rating against the Cowboys. Already, Wilson has been intercepted four times.

New England's offense is far from dynamic, but it's improved enough to produce 17-to-20 points here. That would be enough given the Jets' impotent attack.

So look for the Patriots to make it 15 wins in a row against the Jets.