Schule's NBA T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-O-R - 7-3 (70%) NBA Totals Run Tested!
(NBA) Denver vs. Minnesota,
Total: 205.00 | -110.00 Under
Result: Win
This is a 4* play on Under.

We have seen the Nuggets win the last three games. They have shot 54 percent, 57 percent and 55 percent from the field in those games. All three games went over the total after the first two games both went under. We can expect some regression when it comes to how well Denver has been shooting, as we haven't seen a team hit 50 percent or better through an entire playoff in any of the last 20 seasons. Indiana leads this season's playoffs with a 49 percent field goal percentage, and the 2017 Golden State Warriors have the highest percentage in the last 20 years at 49.4. Hitting 55 percent plus simply isn't sustainable. This is also an elimination game, and historically these games trend under in the neighborhood of 60 percent.


Jesse Schule