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David Delano
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I made it my mission to study every successful handicapper out there. It wasn’t always easy because I found out for every truly good handicapper out there, there were probably 100 that just claimed to be good. Oh sure, they represented themselves on social media or their website as having a secret process or inside knowledge that all but guaranteed success. So, I tracked their picks, I kept detailed records, and, yes, I may have even paid for a few picks on occasion. And I found something interesting. Generally speaking, the more they bragged, the harder they tried to sell, and the louder they were, the worse their picks were. The guys making consistent money didn’t have to be loud, they didn’t have to brag, they simply let their results speak for themselves. With the typical hubris of a 19-year-old, I honestly thought I was the first person to figure it out. But, as I continued to find great handicappers to emulate, I found out they had discovered the same inefficiencies and were leveraging them to make a tidy profit. In short, I felt like Christopher Columbus but, when I waded ashore, I found a small group of handicappers on the beach who basically laughed and said, “Welcome to the party, kid. What took you so long?” And while that may have been the first time I made a discovery only to have it later confirmed by the pros, it wouldn’t be the last. After college, I took a job in the “real world” that allowed me to continue to pursue my real passion, beating the books. I’d like to tell you that I was profitable from Day 1. No mistakes, just a slow and steady rise in my bankroll. And, while that happened in the beginning, after a downturn that saw me unsuccessfully chasing my losses, my roll was on fumes and I was back to square one. While that mistake was ultimately worth more in the long run than the couple hundred dollars it cost me, at the time I was devastated. I was confused, ashamed…and determined to never let it happen again. I’d also love to tell you that was the only mistake I made along the way, but, of course, it wasn’t. There were too many parlays, too many bets made where I discounted what the data told me and I went with my gut, and I still had the tendency to try and recoup losses with bigger bets than I usually made. But I was learning. Poker players call it “plugging the leaks in your game,” and that’s exactly what I was doing. One by one I was identifying the leaks that unnecessarily drained my bankroll. It didn’t happen overnight. It took almost five years of betting, winning some, losing some, but, most importantly, when I did lose, figuring out WHY I lost. It wasn’t a short process. It took about five years before I felt completely confident in my process and was generating tidy profits month-after-month. So, after five years, I took the leap and quit my lucrative position in TV production. I became a professional handicapper full time and decided to sell my picks to the public. What I wanted, and still want my clients to know, is you are not just paying for my picks. You’re paying for every little bit of knowledge I acquired on my journey. You’re paying for all the mistakes I identified and corrected. All the bad habits I had to overcome. In short, you’re paying me to plug the leaks in your sports betting game. Just think of me as the Flex Seal of professional handicappers. There’s one more piece of the puzzle you get with me. It’s as important as any pick you make or key piece of information you’ve uncovered. Without it, even if everything else is working, it is extremely difficult to beat the books long-term. Of course I’m talking about money management. Of all the lessons I learned, this one was, by far, both the most difficult, and the most important. I’ll be there to walk you through the process, maximizing profits when we’re hot, and minimizing losses when we’re not. I’m happy to be a part of the Winners and Whiners team. Of course, I love the extra eyes on my content that comes with being part of this amazing group that has created the preeminent site for game predictions from a bettor’s perspective. But I’m also thrilled to be surrounded by some of the most talented and successful handicappers anywhere on the planet. I will never stop learning and being part of the WaW team allows me to learn from the best. Full disclosure, my picks aren’t for everybody. I don’t play a lot of parlays. The mathematical edge that tilts in favor of the house makes it extremely difficult to sustain long-term profits. There are some rare exceptions and I will still tease some football plays, but the vast majority of my daily picks will be straight bets where we have a decided advantage that hasn’t been properly reflected by the odds. I also avoid a lot of the “big games.” Monday Nights, Thursday Nights, etc. Those are games that everyone has eyes on and the lines are usually screwed down pretty tight. Don’t get me wrong, if I’ve identified an advantage in a national game, we will jump all over it. We just won’t force a particular play simply because that game is on national television. So, now that I’ve told you what you won't get with my service, let me tell you what you WILL get. First of all, you get someone who is working their butt off for you. This has been my full time job for over three years. My profits, and my client list, has grown steadily in the time. But most importantly, you’ll get someone who has made a lot of the same mistakes you are likely making right now. I want to take away that frustration and uncertainty and plug those leaks. Together, we will constantly search for that edge, that one piece of information that makes the difference between profit and loss. Together, we can take your bankroll to places you’ve only dreamed of. I’m ready. Are you ready? Come aboard and let’s start making money TODAY!
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Baltimore at Minnesota
(MLB) Baltimore vs. Minnesota, 07/03/2022 2:10 PM
Point Spread: 1.50 | -126.00 Baltimore (Away)
The Orioles are a better team than perceived. Baltimore is the fourth-best team for sports bettors this season when it comes to money line profits behind only the Yankees, Astros, and Mets. Baltimore is also the best runline team in baseball with a 50-29 record.
The Orioles were close to winning the first two games of this series and should keep this game within a run, if not win on Sunday. Tyler Wells has a 5-0 record and 1.97 ERA in his last six starts. Baltimore has also only suffered a loss by two runs or more three times out of their last 17 games. Take Baltimore on the run line.
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