Arthur Reyes
Arthur Reyes
Expert Handicapper
Highlighted Record: 45-27-4 NHL Run… 23-13-1 All-Sport Run
My first foray into the world of sports came in high school where I was an all-county wrestler and I did learn some things from that experience which has helped me in my handicapping career. Wrestling is a very technical sport and that is exactly what sports betting is as well. You have to be very technical in your approach to sports betting and that is exactly what I have become. There is a ton of preparation that goes into being a Wrestler and the same can be said about being a handicapper. You have to do a lot of studying your opponent and that is exactly how I approach handicapping. I use a lot of stats and trends, which is what most cappers do, but I also take it to the next step. I read a lot of articles from the teams' local sports papers and I also watch plenty of game films. Stats don’t always tell the whole story so I find that going beyond the numbers is a huge part of my success in this business. I have learned to do post-match analysis from my time on the mat and that is also key when handicapping. You need to determine what numbers hold the most strength when taking apart a game and what numbers are the weakest. Going over a loss or a win to find out what when wrong is a big part of handicapping. You do not want to make the same mistakes as before and that has been a huge part of my success. Losing streaks will happen in this business, but if you can make sure that they are few and far in between then you will last a long time in this business. I have learned to do just that because I am always doing prep work for my picks and then re-evaluating the picks after the games are over. Knowing that I had all the tools to become a very good handicapper, it was an easy decision to join winners and whiners when the opportunity arose. I have a very good work ethic and I thoroughly break down all the games, while looking for the best value available. I am very confident in my abilities and know that I can win for you as hard work and dedication are what you will get from me.
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Last 10 Picks
(NBA) Houston vs New York, 03/27/2023 7:30 PM, Score: 115 : 137
Point Spread: -12.00 | -110.00, New York (Home) Premium Win
(NHL) New Jersey vs NY Islanders, 03/27/2023 7:30 PM, Score: 1 : 5
Money Line: -125.00, New Jersey (Away) Premium Loss
(NBA) Milwaukee vs Detroit, 03/27/2023 7:00 PM, Score: 126 : 117
Point Spread: 15.00 | -110.00, Detroit (Home) Premium Win
(NBA) Houston vs Cleveland, 03/26/2023 6:00 PM, Score: 91 : 108
Total: 223.00 | -110.00, Under Premium Win
(NCAAB) Miami vs Texas, 03/26/2023 5:05 PM, Score: 88 : 81
Point Spread: 4.00 | -109.00, Miami (Away) Premium Win
(NCAAB) Creighton vs San Diego State, 03/26/2023 2:20 PM, Score: 56 : 57
Point Spread: 2.00 | -106.00, San Diego State (Home) Premium Win
(NCAAB) Connecticut vs Gonzaga, 03/25/2023 8:49 PM, Score: 82 : 54
Point Spread: -2.00 | -110.00, Connecticut (Away) Premium Win
(NCAAB) Florida Atlantic vs Kansas State, 03/25/2023 6:09 PM, Score: 79 : 76
Total: 144.50 | -110.00, Under Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Xavier vs Texas, 03/24/2023 9:45 PM, Score: 71 : 83
Point Spread: -4.00 | -112.00, Texas (Home) Premium Win
(NBA) Houston vs Memphis, 03/24/2023 8:00 PM, Score: 114 : 151
Point Spread: 13.00 | -110.00, Houston (Away) Premium Loss